Thursday, 17 January 2013

Affaires courantes.

The new year is in full swing. Most people have broken their resolutions and failed on their unachievable diet regimes which is a shame I suppose but it happens every year. I don't make resolutions, I make a list of aims, things I want to get done throughout the year and I must admit, this years list is quite a task but I have every confidence that I can achieve all my aims, if I do, I'll be writing this blog from a different house, in a different country and working in a new career. Exciting eh? 
On this list of aims (I'm not telling you what they are) there is nothing to do with my lovelife. Three years ago, if I had made a list, I'm sure it would've been 'Win The One back but fuck as many people as possible in the meantime.' Nowadays though I'm sure trying to fuck women has fallen right down the pecking order, probably due to the fact I only leave the house to go to work. I meet plenty of women I work, unfortunately, they're not women I can date, my line of work isn't exactly a place to attract fitties. So how the hell am I going to meet women now if I don't go out every weekend or have a hobby which enables me to mix with many new people? I can use my Plenty of Fish account I suppose, oh yeah, I've tried that, I might as well turn my attentions to trying to fuck Jeremy Kyle contestants. The other avenue is Twitter, I've met women off there before, probably will again. There's this one I've spoke about before, @zoo girl. She's fit but seriously, she knows what she's doing. We had a few weeks of constant messaging, exchanging pictures, sexting (hate that word) etc and finally, it seemed like we were going to meet up but while waiting for her to arrive at mine, she messaged me saying she got called into work, so there I was, bit annoyed really, there are many things I wanted to do to that woman and my chance that evening went. Since that moment, we've barely spoke which obviously, has disheartened me a little. Fair enough, I don't know this woman, I've never met her or seen her, she rung me up on Christmas Eve for a quick chat but that's as far as it's gone. She messaged me on Saturday saying sorry for being quiet as she's not in a good place. I always thought if I wasn't in a good place, then surely I'd like to keep in contact with the people who made me laugh and smile, but thinking about it, when I'm truly disheartened or pissed off (which isn't often) I don't want to speak to anyone, I normally just hide away and think the worst parts over in my head over and over again. Now, with the woman, I'm not in that state because you never know what's around the corner, I don't know what she's like in real life, she thinks we wouldn't get on, I think we would clash but that could be fun, I like woman that scare me. She has stated that she has time off work soon and she'd like to meet up, I only hope that's the case because I still kind of feel like I want to save her, also want to fuck her senseless, she's incredibly gorgeous, it's all perfect but I'm sure all perfectly gorgeous women are evil, seeing as they know they're gorgeous. I'd love to be gorgeous.
On a lighter note however, me and MILF are no more which I am truly relieved about. It was her birthday the other week and she invited me to her party which I rejected, she kept hassling me to go, I kept rejecting and after a while she gave up. I got a text message off her before I went to bed which simply read "I hate you ______." She's done this twice now and in the morning afterwards, apologised twice. I had to tell her that this 'relationship' of ours isn't doing us any favours, she obviously needs a man who wants to settle down and treat her like a girlfriend, not texting me if she wants sex. She deleted me from everything and that's fine and dandy by me, she was a nightmare when drunk and used to make me feel guilty even though she was the one asking for sex.
On the whole, what the last couple of weeks has shown is that I don't know @zoo girl at all, that I'm confused about how she feels/what she wants but I still want to meet her and that MILF was a bloody mistake.
Until next time.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Un point de départ intéressant pour la nouvelle année.

2013 is just about a week old, how exciting eh? This year I have many aims which I'm not going to discuss with you, that way, you might realize who I am and what I want. Instead I'll discuss what happened in the early hours of 2013, it was just bloody typical really.
Ok, clock strikes 12, exciting times as always, get a little kiss which was nice and a first for a few years and then we go into a 'club' where guess who I encountered? Yep, MILF. Dressed up as Marilyn Monroe with her massive breasts on show. We have a New Year kiss and then I end up leaving with her friend and her seconds later to go back to MILFs house. We get back, pour drinks and end up having an underwear party. Basically, this consists of having a party in your underwear. Me and MILF have a little smooch but then somehow decide to try and get her friend to join in which she declines. We keep on at her, she keeps saying no. Good on her I suppose, so what do we do? Leave her to be and go to MILFs bedroom to fuck. We have our typical routine of sex (getting boring now) and I check my phone. I have a text from my friend asking where I am. She's staying at mine and I have to find her otherwise she'll be screwed. I break the news to MILF and she's not happy, she kicks off on me saying she hates me. I just grab my stuff and walk towards town to find my friend.
Turns out my friend managed to get into my house so I go straight home. I get in and she's wide awake. We stay up, have a chat about MILF and then me and my friend fuck, again. Seriously, not again! That's twice in a month! It was weird the other week we did it but not this time, it was easier probably due to the fact that we were both wankered. It's strange though because we hung out the other day and there are no awkward feelings but there aren’t any feelings of lust or love either. I'm sure both are spontaneous weird moments in time and space that no-one could explain ever. To be honest, I hope that is correct. Us having sex and turning into love is not what we want, us having sex and turning into awkwardness is not what we want either, so I hope that it's the spontaneous weird explanation.
So those were my first hours of 2013 and it literally took three hours to have sex with two women. Since that moment however I haven't had any other opportunity to meet anyone. Currently I must admit I should be with a woman who I do fancy the stockings off but I'm not which I'm a little gutted about. Surely soon this will happen and I can't wait, she's bloody gorgeous. I hope you all have your fingers crossed for us.