Monday, 7 January 2013

Un point de départ intéressant pour la nouvelle année.

2013 is just about a week old, how exciting eh? This year I have many aims which I'm not going to discuss with you, that way, you might realize who I am and what I want. Instead I'll discuss what happened in the early hours of 2013, it was just bloody typical really.
Ok, clock strikes 12, exciting times as always, get a little kiss which was nice and a first for a few years and then we go into a 'club' where guess who I encountered? Yep, MILF. Dressed up as Marilyn Monroe with her massive breasts on show. We have a New Year kiss and then I end up leaving with her friend and her seconds later to go back to MILFs house. We get back, pour drinks and end up having an underwear party. Basically, this consists of having a party in your underwear. Me and MILF have a little smooch but then somehow decide to try and get her friend to join in which she declines. We keep on at her, she keeps saying no. Good on her I suppose, so what do we do? Leave her to be and go to MILFs bedroom to fuck. We have our typical routine of sex (getting boring now) and I check my phone. I have a text from my friend asking where I am. She's staying at mine and I have to find her otherwise she'll be screwed. I break the news to MILF and she's not happy, she kicks off on me saying she hates me. I just grab my stuff and walk towards town to find my friend.
Turns out my friend managed to get into my house so I go straight home. I get in and she's wide awake. We stay up, have a chat about MILF and then me and my friend fuck, again. Seriously, not again! That's twice in a month! It was weird the other week we did it but not this time, it was easier probably due to the fact that we were both wankered. It's strange though because we hung out the other day and there are no awkward feelings but there aren’t any feelings of lust or love either. I'm sure both are spontaneous weird moments in time and space that no-one could explain ever. To be honest, I hope that is correct. Us having sex and turning into love is not what we want, us having sex and turning into awkwardness is not what we want either, so I hope that it's the spontaneous weird explanation.
So those were my first hours of 2013 and it literally took three hours to have sex with two women. Since that moment however I haven't had any other opportunity to meet anyone. Currently I must admit I should be with a woman who I do fancy the stockings off but I'm not which I'm a little gutted about. Surely soon this will happen and I can't wait, she's bloody gorgeous. I hope you all have your fingers crossed for us.

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