Saturday, 1 December 2012


I've dated many girls over the last ten years as you've probably noticed if you've read my posts here but I've only had about four years of exclusive relationships combined, so what do you think I did for the rest of the time? I didn't sit around being lonely if that's what you think, I went out and tried to get girls, not necessarily for something meaningful, mostly I just wanted one thing, sex. The one thing that women will always have over men, they have the sex, we want it, they can use it to get what they want out of men, every single one of them possesses this power. A man will do anything to get laid, it's just nature, a man wants to mate with as many females as possible, it's our animal instincts seeping to the surface. This doesn't mean we don't want happily ever after, it just means celibacy is a near impossibility to a male, this definitely applies to myself. I am a big fan of casual sex, there are no ties, it's fresh, exciting, unpredictable and it's an easy way to keep those animal instincts happy. It also keeps my head clear, especially these days where I'm not really in the place to have anything serious, I'm studying a lot, I'm working a lot, I'm saving my money and I don't want my mind to wander from my goals.
Being a casual dater does have it's drawbacks, there a nights few and far between where I share my bed with someone I give a damn about, there's things I have to do alone (I recently went to a European city on my own) and there isn't that one person you can always rely on. I feel however that these cons do not outweigh the pros of the situation that I've been in since The 'One' (see 'Mes copines' post) broke my heart in Summer 2009. My favourite thing is the stories that I have acquired from these women, the situations that I've got myself in to have been varied, from total bliss to total embarrassment. The idea of this blog is to mainly share the juicy details, I might touch on other subjects but mainly it's going to be about fucking, screwing, kissing and a little dating. I'm going to post as many of these experiences as possible, not in chronological order, just as they come to me, when I'm bored at work and a girl pops into my head and makes me laugh, I'll remember the facts then let you know here. 

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