Saturday, 1 December 2012

La fille que j'avais trouvé dans la rue.

Summer 2010, living in the party house, I was seeing someone casually (they thought a lot more of me, I liked them too but we had a lot of miles between us so I wasn't hoping for much) and I was making the most of a evening, so I was out on the town with friends. I was being my usual flirtatious self, trying to charm any woman I could. Frankly I don't see the point in going out clubbing if you're not going to try and pull some women, it's something I rarely do these days because I have more important things to worry about but I still love it and I'll be back on the case very soon, don't you worry.
Some nights you have it, you meet someone totally new, manage to take them home, have a night of drunken sex and then part on good terms with another phone number, and fuck a few more times, that's the perfect scenario. Some nights you meet someone you've fucked before and you manage to get another round of drunken sex out of them however this isn't the preferred outcome of the evening as you've fucked them before, it's a hollow victory. Some nights, probably the most common outcome, you end up alone. Being totally wankered normally doesn't help, how annoying are people when they're totally wasted and you're nowhere near that level? Think about it. This night, I was walking home alone even though I found a girl, got a kiss and a phone number. Surprising really, at one point in the evening I asked her to put her hands out and close her eyes, when she opened them, my dick was in her hands and I directed these words to her - "Would you like this inside you?" What a charmer eh? Actually, I ended up fucking her the next evening, and all weekend before she pissed me off, her dress sense was awful and she got annoyed because I wanted to watch Match of the Day, frankly by this point I didn't give a fuck what she thought so I happily watched the football while she banged on about some shit band she adored.
So I had to leave the woman who held my dick in the smoking area and instead walk home alone, smashed and probably singing something or other, like you do. About half way home, I found a group of teenagers, 18-19 years old, consisting of a couple arguing about something or other and a girl standing there, watching. She had dark hair and a good figure, busty, size 10, what I predominately go for. I can't remember what words were exchanged in our conversation but somehow, I had managed to convince this girl to come back to my house. I don't remember anything bad happening during the sex so it must've been OK. She had both her nipples pierced, perfectly pert breasts, she rode my dick like she had been dying to release herself on me and I came in her mouth, good girl in my opinion. We fall asleep. End of. That's all I remember.
I waoke up the next morning in total hangover mode and there was some naked 18 year old girl in my bed, I had no idea who she was or how she got in my bed. I woke her up where she told me where I found her, how I convinced to come to my house for a party (a naked party in my room it seems) and that she left her friends. I asked what she wanted to do now, she replied "I better go and find my friends really." Is that all she had to say? Really? It was seven hours ago I found her, the arguing couple could be anywhere, good luck! She got dressed, I turned away because I'm a gentleman (I always have a sneaky look) and I let her out. I never asked her name, I didn't see the point, wasn't like I was ever going to have another night with her.
For the next few Saturday nights I kept seeing her out! Was she stalking me? Were there powers beyond my control forcing us to be in the same social space? She looked pretty good, I don't know if she ever clocked me and I never let on that I noticed her, what the hell was I meant to say anyway? I couldn't exactly go up to her and say "Hey, do you remember the other week when I found you in the street, took you back to mine, used you for a drunken fuck and didn't even ask what your name was? Well I'm ------ pleased to meet you, thanks for swallowing you naughty thing." No, that would've been too awkward.

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