Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dernière nuit.

OK, I'm hungover, I mean, really hungover. Last night was just like the old days, didn't even expect it. I'll explain the events of the last 18 hours.
I started at my friends, pre drinking on vodka, had a cheeky spliff, loads of decent people from days gone by, some new friends made also, started out really well, lots of good music, proper decent pre drinks. Got a taxi into town, got out the cab, lit my cigarette and wandered out into filth but before I get in anywhere I get in the way of a mini, they stop before hitting me, I held both my hands up in a 'sorry but I'm a bit pissed' kind of way and guess who I see in the passenger seat? 'The One.' I looked straight into her eyes right after I took my hands down, I didn't smile, I just carried on like I hadn't seen her but then my friend shouts "Oi ____ it's _____ in that car!" That didn't help matters, everyone then asked me who she is and I explain that it's my ex girlfriend from nearly four years ago who I still daydream about her failing and regretting leaving me, sometimes I don't even think I like her at all, so why try and impress her? I want her to feel like I did when she screwed me right over. 
The night didn't get much weirder than that, I spent a lot of money, danced with girls but to be honest there was only one I spoke to and I'm pretty sure I know her from POF but she wasn't interested in me in the slightest which did piss me off, she wasn't gorgeous but she was certainly worth a go, not a fan of rejection, it's shit. 
We got back to my mates where they were carrying on but I couldn't deal with that, I needed to sleep, I wanted a bed, I got with zero women all night, spent a ridiculous amount of hard earnings and to top it off I only went and messaged 'The One' didn't I? Why doesn't a phone have some kind of app where if you're pissed, it saves the text message/picture message/facebook or whatever it is you've decided would be appropriate to send, thus saving you embarrassing yourself and looking like a total dickhead who in my case, only contacts people for pretty much one thing at that time of night. Any guesses? I ended up staying at my friends, we got a taxi back to hers and literally crashed out. 
In the morning, I woke up spooning my friend in her pants. We start to have sex. It was wrong, we're such good friends and even though we had sex years ago, it's something these days that just doesn't even get considered. She's an attractive girl but even in all the possible alternative realities, never would we be together, it's just not happening. We stop, well, I stop by saying "This is horrible and weird." which she laughs loudly at. We stop and fall back asleep.
We manage to get up, be usual friends, get dressed and drive to McDonalds in which the staff forgot about my order and tried to make it up with a free dessert which I decline seeing as I'm such a nice customer, they'd probably been out last night also, don't want to make their day worse.
I got home about an hour ago, I decide to delete the message I sent 'The One' but I get there and she's blocked me on Facebook. It's just insane how someone who at a point in your life knew you better than anyone can today be so cold towards you, it's not as if she smiled when she saw me, it's not like I smiled either though. I'm relieved she's blocked me, it's unlikely that I'll see her about and I don't really want to see what she's up to. I'm happy with my life now, everything is going really well, the studying I mean, the saving pounds and general happiness, I would hate it if she came in now and ruined it all, that woman hasn't been near me in two years and everything has been great, don't need it, don't want it. Stupid bitch.

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