Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mon patron.

After four boring days of work, I finally have a day off tomorrow. Fair enough I won't be doing too much exciting, no, actually, I'm going for a couple of drinks in the evening in my small town, could be fun, I'll let you know of any juicy gossip of course but other than that it's due to be reasonably quiet which I don't mind, I can wrap some presents and get into the Christmas spirit, I'm a massive fan of Christmas (currently listening to 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day') and I can't wait until I finish work for the festive season. Back to the serious nature (ha) of the blog, I was having a little bit of a heated discussion with my boss today who doesn't like the way I live my life and endlessly talk about it, regarding my sex life of course.
Now I work entirely with women who all have partners or husbands, they all have quite regular lives and not a lot to talk about of any interest, they discuss The X-Factor and which celebrity is trying to grab the most attention this week in Heat. When I have a story to tell them, they love it because it makes them laugh. This isn't why I do it but I do enjoy telling the story and it makes the working day go by easier, my job isn't very exciting and having a laugh with my collegues keeps me sane but my boss looks down on me because I casually date women, some I like, some I'm scared of, some I don't respect which okay, fair enough, you should respect women but not all girls give men respect, far from it. Some women are just so vile and disgusting I wouldn't give them the time of day, honestly it seems like women are locked in a constant battle to try and humiliate men as much as possible and they know how to do it. She made out that all women are princess' who don't have casual sex which we all know is total shit, women like casual sex, they also like playing games, leading men on and cheating which isn't a big deal or a shock because men are like it also. This really got on my nerves, massively. She also didn't believe that I slept with women! I think she sees me as some kind of frigid geek who makes up stories about women I've dated or had encounters with to make people like me. I can be called many things but I'm NOT a liar! I don't understand the point in lying about your sex life, people would find out that you hadn't fucked the person in question. I don't want to live some fantasy life I tell people, I want the stories I share to be the truth. I just think she's old fashioned and that she hasn't met anyone like me before. I said that I'm a good person who has been in love before and been screwed over and that's why I take this approach which only seemed to make it worse for her. She was really disgusted with me after this conversation and I surely won't be sharing any of my wonderful stories with her again. Works both ways, if I get a girlfriend, she can't ever meet her, I won't even mutter a word. Actually, I think if she mentions her husband, I'll just walk away, it disgusts me that she can have a lowly view on my love life yet hers is perfect because she met the man of her life at 25 and is now married and that's what I should've done, sorry, life doesn't have the same path for everyone!
I was with my best friend last night who had a long distance relationship last year. She didn't want him to meet our group of friends because we're like this, we have sex with people and quite often become friends with them, her man couldn't get his head round this fact and she didn't want to make matters worse by introducing him to us, probably a good thing anyway, most of my friends are dickheads and I'm not proud of them but you get the idea, we're not normal and I'm okay with that. I just wish sometimes could be more open minded. I'm not in the right headspace to have a relationship, I'm scared of it failing, getting my heart ripped out and looking like a total wanker. No thanks, I'd rather have casual dates every so often and focus on what I need to do in my life. Once that's done then I can worry about being destroyed by a woman.

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