Monday, 3 December 2012

L'amour sur l'Internet.

I'm a big fan of the internet. I really am, I use the internet for shopping, banking, news, sport and the prime use is staying in touch with friends through social media (avid Tweeter) and of course, making new ones. I've been from Faceparty to MySpace to Facebook and now to Twitter for which I'm a massive fan of, I explain it to people and they say "I don't get it." There's not much to get so here's a quick lesson - you post a tweet of your opinion on anything, news, sport, chickens, Ben Stiller, whatever you like and people that follow you read it. They can retweet this onto their timeline so their followers read it. You can follow people which tweet the things which matter to you so you can keep up to date with friends, family, celebrities and the news, what's not to get? Simple eh? I also use Instagram and POF, the worst dating site in the world but it's free, so I can't be too pissed off with it.
Over the years the internet has helped me find women, hats off to Twitter to finding La fille celebre and giving me that bizarre experience, thanks to POF for meeting some genuinely nice people (and a total tosspiece, she'll get her own post soon) and the others have also done their bit. Some of these women have stayed in my life and I still talk to today, some were just one night and that was it but is it a sound way of meeting women? I speak to the girls at work about my love life, they're all married or all in serious relationships and they think it's a bit odd that I find women to date online through Twitter, POF etc and in some ways, they're right to think that. I haven't met that person in real life, they could be lying couldn't they? About their appearance, their employment, their home, their state of mind, anything and everything. Mostly though, people don't because there is no point. The great thing about the internet is that people can find whatever they want, there really is something for everything, whatever excites you and gives you thrills in life can be found online in a person. People don't have the face to face judgement when it comes to the internet. People are also more open to share their feelings, I wouldn't stand up on a podium in front of thousands of people and read these posts out but I'm more than comfortable to sit here, write them and hope people find them.
I follow a lot of women on Twitter and Instagram, most of them I don't know and I will never know in the real world. Most of the time I follow them because A) They're fit B) They post naked pictures of themselves or C) They're actually interesting to follow and talk to. It's normally the women that are interesting which stick in your mind and that you enjoy following on Instagram or Twitter, The A women are 50/50, B are normally idiots and 99% of them get unfollowed in a week. The C women in my eyes are better than the women I already know in my life, I'm sure I see nothing but low quality women in the towns down my neck of the woods and it's a total drag. People are always saying to me I need to meet a nice woman, but where exactly am I going to meet them? I'm not the most gorgeous man so when I find a wonderful woman, I have to grab the chance with both hands but around here, it seems like they're all taken or they've done the clever thing and got out of here which leaves me with a load of women I wouldn't go anywhere near let alone settle with. Twitter and Instagram gives me the opportunity to talk to women that I find attractive and interesting to talk to about all manners of subjects. It makes being single a much easier experience, at least I know further out of this neck of the woods, there is hope and I could end up with a total stunner. 
There are three women on Twitter who I'd seriously chew my own nose off to have a chance with and I think that they're all totally attainable given if the circumstances were different, this being I lived anywhere fucking near them. I see these women pop up on my timelines daily so naturally I catch myself thinking about them, what their mannerisms are like in real life, what we would be like together, what they sound like when they muttered words softly from their perfectly formed lips, what they looked liked in my arms post sex, when they were happy with their day, when they were sad because something hadn't gone their way and the look at when I made them happy. I have no idea if these women know that I think about them often and that I totally fancy the pants off them, I'm not sure if they'd like it if they knew that I felt this way about them but I'd like to think they'd be flattered. When people online say nice things about me, it makes me feel loved, just like it would do in the real world, I suppose I see the real and online worlds as one, just wish I could make the online world physical sometimes so I had more choice of women because I feel like there is a better choice for me there. I have more confidence in talking to attractive women online then I do in a club, bar, pub (being drunk helps talking to any female) or wherever else you meet women and I'm sure I'm not the only one, I presume most people have done it who are avid social network users, over half a billion people have Facebook which means a few of them must have felt like I do and how many would a few be out of half a billion people? A million? A hundred million? So now does it sound odd finding people online attractive and wanting to date someone you've never physically met?

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